Wednesday, September 22, 2010

What is it?

This is a tool that has been used for thousands of years. Write a three paragraph essay describing it. The first paragraph should describe what it looks like. The second paragraph should describe what it is used for. The third paragraph should tell a story about the object. Do not feel like you have to figure out what it is "for real". Make up whatever you would like, but make sure that it makes sense in terms of what the object looks like. Post your paragraph as a comment by Thursday, September 23 at 10pm. ALSO, read the writing of the person who posted just before you (if you are first, you may come back and ream whomever's you like), and be prepared to talk to them in class about it.


  1. Honestly, I do not know what it is, but it looks like some type of tool used by archaeologist. It has a golden handle like, with a symbolic symbol at the top. String wrapped around the the golden handle mended with a chrome chisel looking thing. At the top of it it looks like a scooper or spoon. I dont know it's kind of hard to determine its use.
    It looks like its used for digging and scooping. Looks like old scientist would have used this tool to make their job easier. To me I think that I would use it to shape or excavate.
    I do not know what the object is or what it does. Your guess is good as mine. I am still saying that it is a tool used be archaeologist, for excavating. That's what it looks like to me.

  2. It has a bowl sticking out of the front of it. And it has an animal head sticking out of the top. Its gold and the animal head is made into a handle. The handle is connected to a long iron flat bottom.

    The bowl in the front makes me believe some liquid should go in there. And the animal head shows that it is old and antique-like. The handle, obviously is where you would pick it up.
    The flat, hard bottom maybe straightens clothes.

    My grandmother told me to use this object. I was getting ready for school when she told me my shirt was really wrinkled. She pointed to it but I didn't know how to use it! The stove was on and it was sitting on the stove. So I picked it up by its ugly frog head and sat it on my wrinkled shirt. I moved it back and forth, and slowly but surely the wrinkles started to disappear!

  3. This precious tool looks to be used by someone royal, or well respected. It looks to be, made of pure gold, somewhere around 24 to 14k. I notice the aminals, and symbols on this tool, witch must stand for something.

    I can tell that this tool was used as some kind of weapon for war. There's a handle on it, and a point on the opposite side, witch could be used as some kind of shank. It also looks like it can be some type of sword holder.

    I was cruising down the street in my 6-4, jocking this tool, ready to use it whenever anything went down. I knew I did not have any other type of weapon in reach that I could use. It was dark outside, in I was riding down a tough street, and a junkie came out from no where. I whiped out the chuck of gold and threw it at him. The junkie caught 50.THE END

  4. This looks like a very ancient tool. It is golden, and looks hard as a rock. Looks to be made of pure and the finest gold. With a nice and smooth texture. With what seems to be a bald eagle on the front of the handle bar looking up. With a small circle bowl maybe at the end. Cant tell if its enclosed or not.

    I totally have no idea what this could be used for. Its obvious you hold it by the handle where the eagle head us but I have no idea what the bowl is used for. Of course it could be a weapon if yu were to hit someone with it. As far as it being a tool, the only thing I can think of is a golden iron. I believe they may put some water or some liquid we use like starch on the front bowl and then begin to warm the flat bottom up over heat or fire. So to press and iron there clothes like we do, instead of sprayin then ironing. They had to jus pour a little at a time then press and iron with the hot flat bottom.

    Before leaving for my interview, I take a look at my closet and cant seem to find no pair of unwrinkled blue jeans. I dont have time to put them in the dryer to knock the wrinkles out. So i grab this golden tool my mom had up for show by the eagles handle, and use its golden smooth flat bottom to get the wrinkles out of my jeans. It worked as a great cold iron. Sending me on my way to my interview wrinkle free with a bright and sunny smile on my face.

  5. It has sort of a flat surface on the bottom with a slightcurve in it. And an animal shaped figure on top.It has a little bowl or spoon looking figure at the front of it, finished off with a gold texture. This figure may symbol something of a tribal or group.

    It look like it can be mistaken for an iron. You can heat the bottom of it up and use it to get the wrinkles out of your clotes. The spoon part may might can be used for putting water in the iron just like you do with a regular iron.

    One Sunday evening, I was sitting outside, bored as ever. So I thought why want I go get my new metal detector and put it to use. So as I walked around my back yard my metal detector starteed to beep louder and faster. Once I was directly on the spot, I ran to get my shove, came back and started digging. AnD before I knew it, I saw a gold figure and all I could think about is thank god I found some gold!